Private clubs today face many challenges due to changing economics, demographics, and competitive conditions. This has resulted in changes in member spending habits and lifestyle choices. We assume that you are well aware of these issues, especially as they have developed over the past few years. It has become evident that in order to succeed, clubs must be extremely proactive in managing their operations by continually enhancing membership value and services. CBP provides solutions to operational challenges that produce immediate tangible results, maximizing the potential of the club’s available resources.

Club management complacency begins with status quo acceptance. Together they cost a club more time, effort, and money in both the long and short term. CBP offers consulting services dedicated to addressing these challenges and ensures your club’s continued success today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Meet the Professionals


David Mazur

David Mazur is a native Bostonian who knows the New England club community. He has an extensive background in all phases of club management, including membership surveys; financial management and long-range planning; facilities renovation, membership marketing, management & staff recruitment, training and motivation; and food & beverage operations. Through his vast experience, he brings a perspective to clients and their clubs that provides insight, best practices and benchmarks from similar size, culture and type of club.  Also, he provides a working knowledge and experience of what it takes for clubs to achieve immediate and future operational success.  He began his career in 1978 holding management positions with the Ritz Carlton, Westin, Hilton, and Sheraton hotels.  He entered the club management field in 1988, working in various executive management positions with clubs throughout New England. Through his extensive network and in-depth experience in the Club industry, he is able to provide clients with the knowledge and resources needed to solve immediate problems and implement plans for long-term success.


Eve Cartwright

Eve Cartwright has over 25 years of combined experience in Corporate Human Resources and as a Recruiter and Career Consultant  in  Executive Search.  She  worked  for  Gartner  Group  as  the  Recruiting Manager and Staffing Administrator, helping to grow the firm from 250 employees to over 2500. She also worked for Tech Target as a Recruitment Manager for all C- Level Conferences. Eve lives on Cape Cod and is active with Lasell College , Simmons College and St. Christopher’s Church in Chatham, MA. What distinguishes Eve from others is her ethics are never compromised. Her reputation has been built on being results-oriented and because of that she has worked with first-rate companies. During the process of networking and recruiting, there is an emphasis on the importance of the relationship with the clients  and candidates.


Gregg Lindsay

Gregg Lindsay has vast experience in the Hospitality Industry. Gregg brings a perspective to clients that provides insight, best practices and benchmarks from similar size, culture and type of organizations.  Also, he provides a working knowledge and experience of what it takes to achieve immediate and future operational success. Beginning his career at the Breakers Hotel in Florida, Gregg has a proven track record in private clubs for over 15 years. As founder of, he recognized the need for efficient methods to effectively enhance food service in the industry. Through his proven hands on and on-line training programs he is highly respected as a leader in all levels of professional development.